Embracing Changes

Back in October 2020 Paramount started ‘Embracing Changes’, this not only included a space on the company network for the whole team to access podcasts, information leaflets, webinars and videos, but also getting together (remotely) every other month to discuss issues that affect the team.

Over the last 12 months we have focused on the menopause and have had some amazing guest speakers.

In January, Sarah Kekus, The Health Architect, delivered a powerful presentation on how nutrition can play a significant role in managing certain menopause symptoms and helped us understand how stress can affect not only our mental wellbeing but our gut health as well.

In March, Tracey from Manor Barn Organics shared with us the benefits of aromatherapy. Whilst aromatherapy doesn’t claim to cure health conditions, it can be an effective complementary therapy for many health issues including; anxiety, depression, headaches, insomnia, fatigue, skin conditions…all of which can be symptoms of the menopause.

As well as discussing the menopause we have also discussed menstruation. As with the menopause discussing periods in the workplace can still be considered taboo, but for us at Paramount it’s imperative that we break down the stigma and start having open conversations about anything that impacts our mental and physical health.

We are currently on a summer break from our Embracing Changes meet up, but from September we will be moving our main focus to wellbeing and are really excited to be working with Dr Jo Baldwin. Jo will be working with us as a team on topics such as self-care and understanding our needs, confidence, mindset, overwhelm plus many others. Jo will also be working with anyone who’d like to on a 1:1 basis for a coaching session, so that we can work on any of the above topics in our own way.

An exciting time to embrace changes!

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