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We can free up your time by preparing both Short Form Bills and Detailed Bills of Costs for assessment at the SCCO. This includes the costs of appointing Deputies, Annual General Management Costs and Costs of Statutory Will applications. We will provide advice with the Bill on what, if any, reductions may be made.

If you need help completing the OPG105 Form with regard to the following year’s costs, we can assist with this. We can even save you time by submitting your Bill to the SCCO for you and advising you on the outcome and whether the assessed costs should be accepted or appealed.



You may not normally consider instructing a Costs Draftsman to cost your non-contentious Probate files, however we find that we can often achieve a higher level of profit costs than expected as sometimes the time actually spent on a file can be underestimated.

We can prepare the Schedule of Costs and Narrative for you, saving you time and also increasing profitability.

We can also prepare detailed Bills and advice on contentious Probate and Inheritance Act claims, where difficulties have occurred and disputes have arisen. In addition, should the need arise in contentious matters, we can also prepare Costs Budgets as per CPR. 


Private Family Law

Private Family Law – We deal with a large range of Private Family matters including Divorce, Ancillary Relief and Child Arrangement cases. In this area we can prepare a Schedule of Costs or a more detailed Bill of Costs, if required. By instructing Paramount in Private Family cases, we can maximise your costs recovery by considering your file of papers and time recordings and advise where time may have been underestimated or not recorded at all. This also has the added bonus of saving you valuable time, allowing you to undertake more fee earning work, again maximising your costs.

High Cost Case Plans – This includes the traditional fully costed Case Plan and the Care Case Fee Scheme Case Plan (including the Single Counsel/Advocate Case Plan and its many variations, and the Two Counsel Case Plan). We will ensure that the correct type of Case Plan is prepared, which is in accordance with the LAA’s guidance, but also ensuring maximum costs are claimed for a Solicitor. Continual advice is also provided throughout the life of a High Cost Case.

Legal Aid Matters – We can also deal with general Legal Aid matters such as Care, Family, Housing and Immigration cases. Please contact us for further details relating to Legal Aid work.  

Private client team is led by Julie Fitzpatrick

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The costing of Court of Protection matters is complex and differs greatly from normal cost bills. Having been through a number of substandard Costs Draftsmen, I was put in contact with Paramount and have never looked back. They are hard-working, efficient and a pleasure to work with. They have made my billing life simple and easy, I would not hesitate to recommend them. Solicitor in London

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