Association of Costs Lawyers April 2020

We are really proud to announce that one of our Costs Lawyers, Kristopher Kilsby, is one of the nominees hoping to be voted onto the ACL Council. You can read his supporting statement below:

Kristopher Kilsby

I work for Paramount Legal Costs in Carlisle and I’m based in the North East. I have taken an active role in the Yorkshire and recently the North East Regional ACL meetings. I want to represent the North East upon appointment to the Council.

The issue which needs to be addressed is growing the membership numbers. The ACL’s long-term future is reliant on this to ensure that the interests of Costs Lawyers are protected by providing the biggest and strongest voice as possible in debates directly affecting the future of our profession.

During my qualification I worked closely with ACLT through my membership of the student Council. My goal will be to ensure that entry to the profession is maintained and to ensure that entry to the profession protects and promotes the high standards that the legal profession has come to recognise and expect of qualified Costs Lawyers.

I am perfectly suited to take on this task with first-hand experience of the most recent Costs Lawyer qualification. During my qualification I was an active member of the student council as vice-chair and then chair in my final year. I engaged in regular reviews of the course and provided the students’ feedback and assisted the development of the course.

I will adopt the same approach on the Council and I seek wide-ranging views, from both qualified Costs Lawyers and prospective Costs Lawyers, in order to promote the future of profession.


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