And breathe…

Covid19 and lockdown hit us all hard and everyone struggled, period.

At Paramount we took the decision to send everyone to work from home, just before lockdown, for their own safety and well-being. It wasn’t a difficult decision to make as we had already been working ‘remotely’ due to having our offices refurbished and due to the set-up we already had, this was an easy transition from a business point of view. However, it was very disheartening not being able enjoy our fantastic new offices after all the hard work that had been put in and it was maybe not so easy a transition from personal points of views.

We looked into all the business assistance and advice that was available and considered all options for us as a business. We took staff needs into consideration, with daily 11 am catch ups via Zoom offered for all staff to keep connected, as well as a weekly Team Zoom meeting, monthly Department meetings and regular quiz, bingo and race nights by Zoom. A WhatsApp group set up has also proved invaluable for us all and has kept us all entertained with plenty of hilarious pet photos and epic parenting fails.

We have also kept in touch with Clients either by video, email or telephone, to check on how they were, not just on a business level, but a personal level also; it’s been lovely ‘meeting’ Clients for the first time via a video chat. We were able to ascertain pretty quickly that we could provide alternatives and assistance for some Clients where required; we were able to identify issues and overcome them, we reacted and adapted quickly, not just as a business but personally also.

We have been able to reflect on the effects of Covid19 and lockdown whilst in our new-found routines, have taken time to take a breath and are producing a series of blogs from our different Departments about how it has affected us personally, how we’ve adapted on both personal and business levels and how we may be able to help you going forward. As lockdown eases, we’ll keep you updated on industry news, what we’ve found and how it may help you.

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