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I joined Paramount Legal Costs in May 2022 as a Costs Lawyer, as I wanted to focus on my specialism within the area of Court of Protection Costs. I knew the work itself wasn’t going to be the challenge as it would just be a case of getting to know new clients and how they work and joining a new team, my only worry was that my working days were set to change as I had taken on a part-time role and would be solely working remotely! I believed that this would be the best option for my work/life balance as I have two children, both at different ages and who need me in different ways and therefore taking out the travel/commute and the stress incurred on a daily basis was a great advantage.

Paramount Legal Costs as a firm has been amazing when it comes to working flexibly, they completely understand the issues that crop up with appointments/childcare and life in general and they are so accommodating in allowing time to be taken for these which in turn makes me give back that little bit more. I am currently writing this whilst sat with my three-year-old who can’t go to nursery as he has come out in chicken pox!

Even though I work remotely, and I work part-time hours, I am still given the opportunity to cost a variety of work, including high value and complex matters, which I thoroughly enjoy. I also deal with clients and any queries that they have; I am involved with business development and afforded the opportunity to attend webinars, seminars and networking events! This in turn makes you feel ever valued as team member and I am trusted to fulfil my duties.

Despite being over two and half hours away from the main office, I never feel excluded. There is always someone checking in, we have in-person well-being catch ups (usually involving food and cake) each quarter and I do attend the office on team days which always involve a lot of fun and laughter! The WhatsApp groups are always pinging away too, for both general chit chat and work-related queries!

I feel like my work life and home life finally coexist a lot easier than they have ever done before. Although there are days where I do miss the general office chat like what you are having for tea or catching up on the latest Netflix series and someone else making you a cuppa, it has been the best thing that I have done for my career and as a working mum! The freedom of not being confined to a desk for a set amount of hours has also been a game changer for me! I can nip to the supermarket on my lunch, put in another load of washing and even walk the dog! All jobs that I can tick off my list!

I am so grateful to work for such a forward-thinking firm and with a great bunch of colleagues and I am excited for the year ahead!

Danielle Walker, Costs Lawyer


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