Meet The Team – Claire Robson (part one)

Legal costs draftsmen Claire Robson

This week we introduce Claire who is the head of our Care and Family Department.

Q. When and how did you start in the costs world?

A. I started in the costs world by chance in September 2002. After moving to Carlisle in 2001, and working in the lingerie department of a large clothing store, I decided I wanted to do something different.

Q. What are you passionate about?

A. Many things – friends, family, American television box sets, eating out, swimming (I have recently learned to swim) and scary novels, especially those by Stephen King. The list goes on and will probably change next month.

Q. Who would you most like to swap places with for a day and why?

A. Any Olympic athlete, so I would know what it feels like to be naturally athletic and also win a gold medal.

Q. Which three words describe you best?

A. Happy, loyal and determined.