Garylee Grimsley – December 1998

Attendances by Two or More Fee Earners: On Appeal, Master O’Hare disallowed in accordance with R –v- Legal Aid Board Ex Parte Bruce (1991) which stated: “Solicitors are not to be expected to carry knowledge of all the law in their heads… if the problem is outside the scope of their experience they will wish to discuss it with others who are more qualified… But knowledge of the law, however acquired or recalled, is their stock in trade… In so far as expense is involved in adding to this stock in trade, it is an overhead expense and not something that can be charged to the client

Master O’Hare also considered the subject of any Inter Fee Earner Communications in which he referred to SCCO Practice Direction No.2 of 1992 (Para 1.8) & directed that claims in respect of discussions between a Case Worker, a Deputy and other fee earners were disallowed. 

He also stated that memos passing between fee earners were also disallowed as they added nothing of any value to the legal services provided.