I joined Paramount Legal Costs in July 2022, as a Senior Law Costs Draftsperson, as I wanted to focus on my specialism which is Court of Protection Costs, an area that I have worked in for the last 8 years. I was looking forward to joining a new team and getting to know new clients, my only worry was that my life was about to change! I was going to be working part-time, solely remotely and also taking on a whole new challenge.

Firstly, I thought I would give a little bit of background to the changes to my working hours. After a tough few years, which started in 2020, where in a short space of time we had been thrown in and out of lockdowns due to Covid-19, I sadly lost a very special person to me, I went through the process of buying my first house and a fair few life obstacles were also thrown my way. I decided I wanted to return to education and study for a degree. This wasn’t because I particularly wanted a career change, as I have always enjoyed working in legal costs, I just thought that if I don’t do it now, I never will! I submitted my university application for a place on a specialist social science course, as I found the content interesting. My application was successful, and I received the good news in February 2022 and was enrolled to begin my studies in September 2022. Due to my financial responsibilities, I knew I needed a part time job to be able to support myself. Initially, I had expected that I would need to find a job either within the retail or hospitality sectors, where I could work some evenings and weekends, so that I was able to attend my classes during the day. I didn’t think that I would be a desirable employee, to continue my career in costs, given that I wasn’t studying law and I would have to work reduced hours. That’s when I was lucky enough to come across Paramount Legal Costs. I was offered a role which met all my needs, and allowed me to use my specialist skillset, to continue working within Court of Protection costs, attending seminars and the office, whilst also attending lectures, undertaking assignments and exams.

Paramount Legal Costs as a firm have been amazing when it comes to working flexibly. They completely understand my commitments to my university studies and life in general and they are so accommodating in allowing time to be taken for these which in turn makes me give back that little bit more, they have also allowed me to pick up some extra work when I have had breaks from my studies.

Even though I work remotely, and I work part-time hours, I am still given the opportunity to cost a variety of work, including high value and complex matters, which I thoroughly enjoy. I also deal with clients and any queries that they have. I am involved in business development, and I am given opportunities to attend webinars, seminars and networking events. This in turn makes me feel that I am a valued team member, and I am trusted to fulfill my duties.

I have never felt excluded, despite being two and a half hours away from the main office. There is always someone checking in and we have in-person well-being catch ups each quarter. We always have something in the diary for the whole team to look forward to, and more recently we went to Carlisle Race Course, which was such a fun day.

I completed my first year at university in May 2023 and as I am coming to the end of the summer break and heading into my second year, I am taking the time to reflect. I can confidently say that I still thoroughly enjoy Court of Protection costs, I am grateful for my supportive colleagues, and I am excited to begin my studies again and continue with life at Paramount!

Georgia Clarke, Senior Costs Draftsperson


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