Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council v Hill [2018] EWCOP 35 (16 July 2018)

Paramount Legal CostsThis was an application for committal of the Respondent for breach of various injunctive orders after the Respondent had been found guilty of impersonating P and incurring costs in his behalf that he was not authorised to do. The injunctive orders prevented the Respondent from contacting P (who was 82 years old and suffered from dementia) directly or indirectly, from in any way obstructing the officers of the Local Authority or any other professional who provided care to P and in any way obstructing those officers or professionals from carrying out mental capacity assessments. One injunction also forbade the Respondent from coming within 100m of P’s current residence. The Respondent failed to attend the hearing.

His Honour Judge Rowland sentenced the Respondent to 4 months in prison for breaching the injunctive orders and declined to suspend the sentence as the Respondent had shown contempt for the Court by failing to attend the hearing.

The full judgment can be read here.

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