Costmas 2021 Overview

My Cost Lawyer colleagues, Karl Robson and Kris Kilsby, prepared a useful 2021 costs law overview as part of the 12 Days of Costmas.  In case you missed any, I thought it would be useful to have them all in the same document, and they are certainly worth a quick read.

Day 1: Precedent Christmas T(ree): Good Reason to Depart – a vital read for those who deal with costs budgeted cases.

Day 2: Hourly Rates and the Indemnity Principe – the much awaited guideline hourly rate review, but it doe not automatically mean that you are guaranteed the higher rates.

Day 3: Informed Consent Hangover: SGI Legal LLP -v- Karatysz – very much a developing area of costs law and the fall out between Solicitor and Client.

Day 4: Part 36 Round-Up – a good negotiating tool and worth keeping on the right side of.

Day 5: All I Want For Christmas is Clarity on DBAs? – an interesting read and will this see them more widely used?

Day 6: Fixed Costs Case Law – exceptional circumstances are exactly that.

Day 7: Ho Ho Ho: Clarification on QOCS – a big decision for both Receiving and Paying Parties.

Day 8: Detailed Assessment Costs – some clarification on a “different order for costs”.

Day 9: Failure to File Costs Budget Led to Court Fees Only – a deadline NOT to be missed!

Day 10: Extension of Fixed Recoverable Costs – I think we all accept it will arrive, but when?

Day 11: Looking Ahead to Costs Developments in the Future – an excellent forecast from Kris for things to look out for in 2022.

Day 12: No Statement of Costs = Santa’s / the Court’s Naughty List – it pays to follow the rules.

As always, all of the team at Paramount Legal Costs are happy to discuss any costing matters with you, and should you wish to discuss this with me, Tom Brocklebank, please do not hesitate to do so and that can be done by clicking here or by calling me on 01228 815394.


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