12 Days of Costmas Summary

At the end of 2020, my Costs Lawyer colleagues, Kris Kilsby and Karl Robson, prepared 12 blogs on key cases and topics over the year.  All are available on the Paramount Legal Costs website but we thought it would be good to have them all in the same document, so you can click through to any one that particularly applies to your requirements.

Day 1: PLK & Others [2020] – a MUST read and possibly the biggest case of the year, relating to hourly rates.

Day 2: Faulkner v Secretary of State for Energy and Industrial Strategy [2020] – deals with QOCS and write off.

Day 3: Belsner v CAM Legal Services Lyd [2020} – a case that could have a huge impact on Solicitor / own client disputes and “informed consent”.

Day 4: Changes to Court fees - Were you aware of some of the changes?

Day 5: Shulman v Kolomoisky [2020] – more on hourly rates and what could be allowed.

Day 6: DSN v Blackpool Football Club [2020] – we always hear plenty about ADR.  Here you can read about the consequences of not engaging.

Day 7: Young v AXA Insurance UK Ltd [2020] – this case focuses on the interplay between Part 36 and fixed costs.

Day 8: Heathfield International LLC v Axiom Stone (London) Ltd [2020] – take costs budgeting seriously and be prompt with any application for relief.

Day 9: Utting v City College Norwich [2020] – what is a good reason to depart from a Costs Budget?  Well, an underspend is not.

Day 10: Precedent T and amendments to the budgeting rules – essential reading if you need to amend your Costs Budget.  And do it promptly!

Day 11: Cohen v Fine & Ors [2020] – more positive news in relation to hourly rates, well at least if you are the receiving party.

Day 12: Predictions for 2021 – Kris gives us some thoughts on the year ahead, and you have guessed it, hourly rates feature, and since this prediction was drafted, the CJC have already published their draft report in relation to their guideline hourly rate review.

As always, all of the team at Paramount Legal Costs are happy to discuss any costing matters with you, and should you wish to discuss this with me, Tom Brocklebank, please do not hesitate to do so and that can be done by clicking here or by calling me on 01228 815394.


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