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28th April 2017

C v D [2017] EWHC 807 (Fam) (08 March 2017)

This Judgment was given by Mr Justice Francis on 8th March 2017, at the final hearing of the mother’s Application for an Order for the summary return of two children to Canada, pursuant to the 1980 Hague Convention and/or the Court’s inherent jurisdiction.  The proceedings concerned two children who the mother asserted had been wrongly removed… Continue reading C v D [2017] EWHC 807 (Fam) (08 March 2017)

10th May 2016

Costs Estimates for Deputyship General Management Work

Costs Estimates for Deputyship General Management Work were introduced on 01 March 2016. This means that all professional Deputies with court orders that allow them to charge will have to provide an estimate of expected costs for the year when they submit their Annual Report (OPG102) to the OPG. The form that Deputies will need to complete is the… Continue reading Costs Estimates for Deputyship General Management Work

23rd October 2007

Louise Smith & Others – October 2007

Guideline rates on Appeal: Master Haworth was asked to review his decision in Michael Ashton above and was able to rule that Court of Protection work should be allowed in accordance with the SCCO Guideline Hourly Rates. It is unlikely therefore that the court would ever award higher rates unless it could be persuaded that… Continue reading Louise Smith & Others – October 2007

23rd July 2006

Michael Ashton – July 2006

Guideline rates: In this case Master O’Hare stated that Court of Protection work was ‘less complex etc” than other areas of law such as litigation. He therefore ruled that hourly rates for Court of Protection work should be less than the Guideline Hourly Rates set by the SCCO for litigation work (but see Louise Smith… Continue reading Michael Ashton – July 2006

23rd December 2004

Leighanne Radcliffe – December 2004

Inter fee Earner Conferences/Routine Letters: On Appeal, Master O’Hare dealt with 2 aspects of a bill provisionally assessed by Costs Officer Sainthouse which had been challenged namely discussions between fee earners and also time claimed for letters which merely discharged invoices etc. He upheld the Costs Officer’s decision based on Garylee Grimsley above but also ruled… Continue reading Leighanne Radcliffe – December 2004

23rd November 2002

Jamie Walker – November 2002

Discharging invoices etc: On appeal Master O’Hare considered the matter of routine letters which merely discharged invoices and which initially had been disallowed by the Costs Officer. Master O’Hare concluded that these should be allowed a 3 minute unit.

23rd November 1999

Tina Jayne Cloughton – November 1999

Delegation: Master O’Hare stated that a Deputy should wherever possible delegate appropriate tasks to more junior colleagues as delegation is entirely reasonable and would reduce costs. However, he also directed that the Deputy must be ensure that duplicate work is not carried out as result of the delegation.

23rd December 1998

Garylee Grimsley – December 1998

Attendances by Two or More Fee Earners: On Appeal, Master O’Hare disallowed in accordance with R –v- Legal Aid Board Ex Parte Bruce (1991) which stated: “Solicitors are not to be expected to carry knowledge of all the law in their heads… if the problem is outside the scope of their experience they will wish to discuss… Continue reading Garylee Grimsley – December 1998


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