Costs Estimates for Deputyship General Management Work

Costs Estimates for Deputyship General Management Work were introduced on 01 March 2016. This means that all professional Deputies with court orders that allow them to charge will have to provide an estimate of expected costs for the year when they submit their Annual Report (OPG102) to the OPG. The form that Deputies will need to complete is the OPG105 which can be found at:

Any new Deputyship cases will be expected to provide an Estimate at the beginning of the Deputyship to the OPG when the court order has been granted. However, no official date has been given for this yet but it is due to be introduced in spring/summer time.

As usual, our Private Client Department can assist you with all your Deputyship General Management Work. When requesting us to carry out the costing of the work, please also include your completed OPG105 form as that will assist us in the preparation of the Bill of Costs.

For assistance in Deputyship General Management work, please contact our Costs Lawyer Julie Fitzpatrick or Christine Marsh.