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Last month we got married, if you saw my earlier post, following a gorgeous celebration with Paramount Legal Costs Limited, you will know I struggled a little with some aspects of the process. Everyone says your wedding will be one of the happiest days of your life. I didn't quite want to think of ours in that way. I know many very happy people who aren't married. I was beyond happy to embark on our marriage but I was reluctant to pin too much on one day.

I firmly believe the happiest times of our life aren't planned. They’re moments in time, where you know beyond doubt, you’re exactly where you need to be, with the people you're meant to be with. These moments can’t be planned for and orchestrated, you’re entirely present. At the centre of it all, is always the people you share them with.

Our families hadn’t met before and for many it would be their first event following the pandemic. I feared people may not feel comfortable and may not enjoy themselves. Although our wedding was small (I think intimate is the official wedding term) under one roof were; lawyers, teachers, photographers, artists, engineers, a nurse, an astrologer and a retired racing greyhound (see photographic evidence).  I wondered and worried, how all these different people would get on, what if they could find nothing in common?

I’m happy to say I was wrong to fret. We were overwhelmed by a sense of unity and love on the day. At one point, I briefly nipped upstairs to take a moment. I sat down in the room where I had gotten ready, only hours before, where I had nervously paced, worrying about everything from our guests to the rain. I could hear voices travelling up the stairway, could single out my new husband’s voice, odd snippets of anecdotes, laughter, the familiar sound of people getting to know one another, meeting on common ground, sharing a meal, along with their stories and forming new ones. Underpinning this, the patter of rain against the window, that hadn’t stopped all day. It was one of the happiest moments of my life and I hope I remember it always.

Connection tops everything. It doesn’t matter where we work, what our title is or how much we earn. There is always some sort of common ground to be found and it’s here, where some of the most important moments happen and in my opinion some of the happiest. It’s where we can acknowledge that we are all human. Behind a keyboard, a screen or an email, there is always a real person who you can connect with and you don’t even need to be wearing a white dress and a veil to do it (but it is quite fun ?). #humanfirst #people #love #commonground 

Paramount Legal Costs Paramount Legal Costs

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